Click here to hear Mary Hays tell great celtic and historical stories for children of all ages.

Usually Mary Hays is teaching and performing all over the province of Alberta, and across Canada. Right now, she has prepared some fabulous storytelling opportunities for you and your family, to make these days of social distancing so enjoyable!

  1. We Remember
    We listen to stories. And we remember. We tell the stories. And we remember. The stories of the past inform the present. And the act of remembrance inspires a brighter future. Storyteller, Doreen Vanderstoop, joins Mary on a Remembrance Day video in a "pay what you can" program. Great for home or school viewings. Program Details Here. Available November 1, 2020.

  2. Travelling Tales
    Story Videos complete with puppets and story scripts for you to follow

    Part 1. The Shoemaker (Suitable for Kindergarten - Gr. 6)
    Storyteller Mary Hays tells her version of a traditional tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. They story begins with the magic words, Once Upon A Time. These magic words take the storyteller and story listener into a world where anything is possible. A world where a help can be found and kindness is rewarded.
    Read Along with Mary

    Part 2. The Elf and the Shoemaker (Suitable for Kindergarten - Gr. 6)
    Let's add props, puppets and dialogue to the traditional story. These extension activities lift the story into a dramatic presentation that you can try at home. What can you do to make the traditional story your own in your retelling? Can you add more characters? Can you prepare a feast for the Elf?
    Read Along with Mary

    Part 3. The Brownie of Ferne Glen (Suitable for Kindergarten - Gr. 6)
    This is a Scottish folktale. Folktales illustrate the great lessons of life, about what it means to be human. They show us the path through the woods of the glen and connect us to our own stories. What other stories can you discover about bravery and surprise?

    Part 4. The Fox and The Horse (Suitable for Kindergarten - Gr. 6)
    Enjoy Mary's retelling of another story collected by the Brothers Grimm. Learn to tell this folktale at home. As you study the story, consider the shape: somebody (characters), wanted (story line), but (problem), so (solving the problem).
    Read Along with Mary

    Part 5. The Storyteller's Gift (Suitable for Kindergarten - Gr. 6)
    Storytelling is the act of verbally telling stories that are learned by heart. Storytellers tell stories that are based in the oral traditional and have been passed on from generation to generation, sifting and changing with each telling and with each audience. Stories include folk and fairy tales, personal and family stories, stories of history and original stories. As you look for a story to tell, consider the story elements, the story shape and then get busy and tell!

  3. StoryShare-Tellarounds

    StoryShare-Tellarounds - Mary will tell stories to senior groups. If they wish, they can share an anecdote from their lived history in a Tellaround!

  4. Learn storytelling and Reader's Theatre with puppets.Handmade Flannel Storytelling Figures

    Order your copy of handmade flannel board storytelling figures from some of our favourite children's stories:

    • Red Riding Hood
    • Three Billy Goats Gruff
    • Princess and the Pea

    On sale for $30 for each story. Includes flannel figures, copy of the traditional tale, and postage. Order from

  5. Come Away CD

    Come away on a magical journey, travelling with story, song and music. Mary Hays' heartfelt family stories, passed down for generations, provide a framework for her creative retelling of the ancient Celtic folktales - all available on CD. Order your copy of "COME AWAY ... Once Upon A Time Beckons". Special price, just $15 including postage. Order from

  6. Storytelling Coaching Videos

    Arrange for private sessions of video coaching in storytelling and public speaking. Call Mary at 403-556-5831 to set lessons up right away!

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