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Collaborative work - By working with other storytellers, Mary's repertoire is always growing and changing.Contact Mary for your own performance or workshop.
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Mary has many topics she would love to share with you. Here's a sample:

  • Stories of the Blackfoot People
    Mary (Iiyin ni maakii, She Who Captures) has studied the Blackfoot stories for many years with her mentor, Louis Soop (Piitaikihtsipiimi, Black Plume). She tells the story of creation and the story of the Sundance which provide the foundation for Naapi, the Trickster and his stories that teach lessons for all of creation.
  • Historical Stories
    • Mary uses first person interpretation to tell the stories of Jean McWilliams - social activist who lived in Calgary in 1910.
    • She tells the stories of her grandmother, Mary Scot Widner, who came to Alberta in 1912. The stories tell of her grandmother's challenges as a single mother on the prairie and how social reform allowed her to farm, avoid destitution and raise her family.
    • Mary has done extensive research about her mother's and father's army service in the medical corp during World War II. Her stories tell of life in overseas service, tea with the Queen and babies born on the battle field.
  • Stories for Listeners of All Ages - Folktales from Around the World
    With stories travel to Iceland with Grettir the Outlaw, to Scotland with the Witches of Fife, to Ireland with Oisin, Son of Finn, to Brazil with Turtle Jabuit, to England with Lazy Jack, to Africa with a foolish Prince, to Alberta with Naapi, the Trickster, to the Middle East with Nasrudin, the Wise Fool - the list is endless!
    StoryShare is a FREE story-based outreach service for Calgary and area seniors that aims to enhance a client’s quality of life and deepen his or her connection to the community through the sharing of stories.
  • Stories for Wee Folk - Round and Round The Garden and What's for Supper?
  • Spooky Stories for the Cemetery - Brownie of Fern Glen, The Milk White Dove, Grettir Battles the Troll Woman
  • Workshops - Mary offers a variety of workshops for learners of all ages:
    • Traditional Storytelling
    • Family Storytelling
    • Readers Theatre
    • Storytelling with Props and Puppets
    • Vocal Care for Speakers
    • Early Literacy - Stories and Rhymes for Wee Folk
    • Self-publishing your own story

I found a box of letters on a shelf. A box of Dad's war-time letters written to his mother and dad. I read a few and then put them away, back on the shelf.

Years later, I thought of the letters as I was looking for stories to tell about the war. I found the stories of the war, but finding them was bittersweet ...

The story of a tragic hero with a fatal flaw. A story of hauntings, treachery, bravery, violence and family love. Storytelling by Mary Hays and Karen Gummo; bards in the ancient art of the oral tradition.

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Sit back and enjoy ...

A short taste of the ancient Icelandic saga, Grettir the Strong.
This excerpt features the battle with the she-troll.

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