Click here to hear Mary Hays tell great celtic and historical stories for children of all ages.


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Welcome to the world of one of Alberta's favourite teller of stories, Mary Hays.

You're used to seeing Mary in person as she tells folktales from around the world at Western Canada's finest festivals, workshops, libraries, and storytelling concerts.

But now, during this time of physical distancing, Mary knows you might want a break from books, board games, and baking, so she is bringing her storytelling right to your home!

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  1. We Remember - Mary's newest video presentation for you is designed for individuals and schools, where the act of Remembrance inspires a brighter future. Details Here
  2. Travelling Tales - Story Videos complete with puppets and read-alongs for you to follow
  3. NEW! StoryShare - Just fill in the Request Form and one of Alberta's great storytellers will tell a story to a senior. If they wish, they can share an anecdote from their lived history to the storyteller!
  4. Handmade Flannel Storytelling Figures - Order the puppets from favourite children's stories
  5. Video coaching in storytelling and public speaking
  6. CD, "COME AWAY ... Once Upon A Time Beckons"

Come away with StoryMary ... Once Upon a Time Beckons ...
Let Mary Hays light up the imagination of your group members with a storytelling presentation. Storytelling is not just for the young. People of all ages delight in the stimulation and enjoyment of listening to a fine story. Mary offers a variety of workshops for adults, students or mixed groups. Many students have gone on to perform at competitions and festivals.
Book now to have Mary come and excite your group by stimulating creativity and imagination through storytelling. Whether it's a workshop or entertainer you need, your guests will be delighted you asked Storymary. It's time to ...
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Mary offers storytelling workshops, and performs at festivals, libraries, museums, schools, seniors centres, cemeteries, and tipis ... wherever stories are told. Just click the link below to see ...
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The perfect gift of story and song is Mary's CD, "Come Away ... Once Upon A Time Beckons". You will be taken on a magical journey of story, song and music. Great as a bedtime story or for travelling in the car. Here's how you can ...
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